Troubleshooting Student Login Problems

From time to time, students will encounter issues with logging onto the site. Here are some things to check when this happens:

  • Typos in the username or password during login - Confirm with the student that they have entered both their email address and their password correctly. The fields for the login page are case sensitive, and any extra spaces are counted as characters.
  • Typos in their originally entered username - If the student entered their email address incorrectly during registration, then the site will only accept that exact spelling when they log in after that. To verify the email address that a student registered with, navigate to the Members page and then click on the student’s name, or click “Edit Membership” from the command menu located to the far right side of a student’s name on the list. Students’ email addresses will also display towards the bottom of the command menu.
  • Duplicate accounts - Sometimes, students will accidentally register twice on the site using different email addresses, causing a duplicate account. If you suspect that this might be the issue, contact EduGuide’s helpdesk at [email protected].

Resolving Login Issues

There are some steps that coaches and students can take to resolve a login-related problem.

  • Request a password Reset Link - Beneath the login button there is a link labeled, “Forgot Password?” If you click on this link you will be taken to a second page where you can enter in your email address. An email containing a password reset link will be sent to the student. When the student clicks on the link, they are taken to a page where they can enter in a new password.
  • Reset the password on the students’ behalf - Coaches can reset a student’s password from that student’s membership record. You can edit their membership information by clicking on the command menu to the far right of a student’s name, then clicking “Edit Membership.” Or click on the student’s name. You will see fields where you can edit their email address or password. The student is notified when their membership information is changed by a coach on their behalf.

As a note, EduGuide Staff members do not have access to students’ passwords, so we’re unable to look them up. However, we can assist with resetting their passwords and identifying issues with their accounts. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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